Low reservoir alarm

I keep my pump on vibrate as I don’t like it to noticeable. Last night I slept so well that I didn’t feel the vibrate to let me know that I needed to fill my reservoir. This was just fine as I have it set at 15 units. I feel that my blood glucose levels often disturb a night of sleep, so I was pleasantly surprised to not have that happen last night. I will take a little victory any day!

One thought on “Low reservoir alarm

  1. Yay for little victories. I’m glad you had enough insulin to get you through the night.

    Funny, but I had kind of a similar experience last night. As I was getting ready for bed, my Low Battery alarm went off. I thought to myself “It’s a good think it happened before I was asleep, because what if it didn’t wake me up.” Then I finished putting on my p.j.s and washing up, and went to bed – COMPLETELY FORGETTING TO CHANGE THE BATTERY. I guess it had enough power to keep it running while I slept though, because my fasting was 124. Phew!!


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