Pump vacations

I was fortunate to start pumping insulin on a Minimed 507 pump on September 30, 1997. I was actually hospitalized to start the pump at Oregon Health Sciences University hospital. It was so exciting to no longer need to take shots and carry all of the paraphernalia with me.

I took to the pump fast and rarely took a break from it. A few years ago I did take a one month break. It was really nice to not have a pump weighing down my clothes. However, the major downside was that my blood glucose control was horrible. Try as I might, and with the help of my CDE, I was not able to see an improvement; so, it was a very easy decision to go back to pumping. I haven’t taken a break since then.

I find that in life I need vacations too. Ever since I was served with divorce papers I have been pushing myself hard. I decided that for my own health and well-being that a vacation is just what I need. I can’t wait to get away and just be in the present. I know this will be just what the doctor ordered.

When I return home I will be well adjusted to my unwanted but given to me title of single mom to the best son I could ever have asked for!

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