My motivation

Early in my T1 years I was not too concerned about complications. After feeling like I was dying before T1 was found in me, after the diagnosis I wanted to live as fully as I could.

My first complication came much earlier then I desired. Hypoglycemic unawareness came into my life 2 years after I was diagnosed. This sure got my attention as it was so scary to know that it could take me out permanently if I was not very careful.

Thankfully, since December 2014 I have been using a Dexcom CGM to help me keep my blood glucose numbers in a safe range. It is so exciting to have this technology work for me.

However, my motivation for living as well as I can with T1 is my son. I was fortunate to become his mom through international adoption. I am one of the older mom’s among his classmates. So, since I am his third mom as he has a birth mom and a foster mom; I always do the best I can with my T1 so that I can live for as long as possible.

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