When I was in elementary school the first instrument I played was the violin. I liked the sound of this stringed instrument as for me it was so soothing and so beautiful. I was disappointed when my family moved as my new school did not offer orchestra.

I switched to the clarinet. Then in junior high I took band class. The clarinet did not come as easy to me as the violin did. It showed as I was in the third row of three rows for clarinet. I did my best but I just did not have a passion for it.

One day in music class, the teacher asked me to play the rhythm on the drum behind me as one of the drummers was not paying attention. I was not accustomed to being on the spot like that. I had never played the drums before. Thankfully, I did just fine. I think it was at that point that an interest in percussion instruments began within me.

While I will always like stringed instruments, I wanted to protect my fingers so that it would be easy to test and know what my blood sugar level is.

Today I had the pleasure of trying out some drums at a music store. It was fun! I still need much practice but music has helped me tremendously. I am listening to a lot of music from my pre-wedding days as this music takes me to a great place emotionally.

As I am on this unexpected and new path of my life as a single mom I think it is time for me to take up drumming so I can keep marching to the beat that is my life. A life where T1 intercepts it in interesting ways.

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