My first day in April

Writing is something I have always enjoyed. It has helped me cope with the tough and unexpected parts of life that have been mine. When I started college my dream was to become an endocrinologist so I could help people like me. I took an English class during my first year of college. Professor Claire Garcia met with me in her office and encouraged me to become an English major. I did not become an English major, but I still have a paper I wrote in her class. So, please excuse any grammatical errors.

The reason I choose the name Days In April for this blog is because there are very important dates in April that I celebrate and one that I remember.

My best friend who I met after college while living in Portland, Oregon. We actually met on in 1997. He met me at the law office I was working at and we enjoyed a great lunch. He made me laugh, was kind, brilliant, and a gentleman. He was new to Portland. He grew up in Alaska and I worked with severely emotionally disturbed kids in Alaska ( I choose psychology as my major). He watched Nicole Johnson become Miss America. He did the ADA walk with me. I met his parents and thought the world of them. His dad was a gentleman, smart, and so kind. His mom did an excellent job of raising her two sons and then became a lawyer. I looked to her as a role model. In the summer of 1999 I received a call that I never expected or wanted to receive. My best friend had collapsed while riding his bike to a Bible study. I went right away to the hospital. Thankfully, we (his friends from church) were able to see him. I had never seen anyone on life support. I begged him to come back to life as the ADA walk was quick approaching. The next day I returned to the hospital but was not allowed to see him.

My friend’s parents had to make the very difficult decision to have him taken off of life support. I have never stopped missing him. He is the best friend I have ever had and the kind of friend every person deserves. I grieved his death as best I knew how. I celebrate his life on April Fool’s Day as laughter is so important. It helps your brain get important chemicals. So, 4-1-15 is my first day in April.

One thought on “My first day in April

  1. Hi Kay,

    I’m glad to have your voice in the choir of blogs – thanks for jumping in with us.

    April is a month full of mixed dates for me, too. My birthday, my diabetes diagnosis, and the passing of my mother. Lots of parallels there.

    I’m looking forward to stopping by as often as I can! In the meantime, the most important thing is to have fun writing. šŸ™‚


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