The medical devices that I depend on

On September 30, 1997 my life with T1 changed in such a positive way, it was the day that I started pumping insulin with a Minimed pump! I actually stayed overnight in a hospital. I lived in Portland, Oregon at the time and was thankful to receive my care at Oregon Health Sciences University. A very strong hospital with an endocrinologist I will always appreciate, Dr. Andrew Ahmann.

The majority of my doctor’s are female, but Dr. Ahmann was the right endocrinologist for me. He was someone I respected and I knew I needed to do what he suggested. Even though he was a bit overweight and telling me I needed to lose weight; I accepted it as reality. There was no question that he was always looking out for my best interest.

It was so exciting to no longer need to take shots. My first pump was blue but I used a black case for it.

I did my research on insulin pumping the best way I knew how; by going to an Insulin Pumpers Forum. It was so helpful to get my questions answered by people who were already pumping.

Over the 17 years that I have been pumping insulin, I have rarely taken a pump vacation. I did once and my BG readings were horrific.

I am so thankful my newest pump that I received in December 2014 is a Medtronic one (Medtronic bought out Minimed), my pump is clear. It is to remind me to find safe people to tell my tough life challenges to.

In December 2014 I also received a Dexcom CGM. This is the first one that has ever worked for me. It keeps me safe overnight and during my waking hours. My Dexcom representative is amazing. She doesn’t have T1 but she went to Camp Midicha to help out, the same camp that I attended as a kid in Michigan. Her husband who has T1 did his residency at the same hospital I was diagnosed at.

This is what is so special about the DOC, JDRF, the ADA and all the other groups out there online and in person. We get the support we need and know that we are not alone!

I appreciate being a newcomer to the DOC as it is so helpful for me to write about my experiences of choosing each day to live as well as I can with T1.

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