A Cover Up (written while in high school)

Once upon a time about five years ago a young girl was admitted into the hospital. She was 11 years old and was not sure what would happen to her. The little girl’s doctor had just told her and her family that she had Diabetes Type 1. The girl knew very little about this disease but was happy that she would not need surgery. This girl did very well learning how to handle this disease and was only in the hospital for five days. When the girl came back to school she just covered up the disease from her friends and tried to get on with her active life. She covered up her disease because she didn’t want people to not accept her. This girl after time learned that she shouldn’t worry about not being accepted and that it would not only help her but would help others if she put her disease out in the open. This little girl is me.

2 thoughts on “A Cover Up (written while in high school)

  1. Great job at acceptance! A T1D learning to feel normal with one difference – diabetes! Just a difference like having an allergy or countless other things – can be life threatening and can also make a person stronger! Just a difference making the person unique but only in good ways!


    • Thanks, Amy! A food allergy came into my life before diabetes did. So, I was getting shots for allergies before I had to give myself shots for T1. It is nice to be unique as you mentioned!


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